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Management and Organization Techniques

            The purpose of an organization chart is to help managers oversee their employees and organize them into different functioning departments. The organization chart shows the chain of command for the company and who is in charge of each different department by grouping employees into different departments. The chart will show the president on top and each department managers below him and the employees below each manager so they can report conflicts or appoint task to different line of authority. If an organization has a good chart the work performs is better, and the company is organized, more tasks are finished and finally employees are organized. The overall goal of the chart is to help build and design the organization structure to meet the business objectives and guide the employees to know their rights and responsibilities.
             The first steps I would take as a new manager would be, first understand the Organization's mission statement. What the organization aims to do by reviewing documents and knowing the purpose of the organization. Is the mission statement correct? And will it motivate people to act the right way? Clear all my doubts as new manager before moving on to the next step. Second, create a risk analysis to see what the organization needs, and what I'm trying to achieve as new manager. What lets the people in the organization down? Identify the potential problems and exercise ways to fix them. Third understand the real people who hold the power of the company and controls the resources that I need. Ask myself how they make decisions for the company; identify the people that matter most and what makes them mad. Talk with keys clients to understand problems they may have and ways to fix them. Fourth, understand valves, culture and the management structure inside the organization. I would explore the key functions of the company in detail, look at roles and responsibilities of all key managers below me.

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