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Crocodile Dundee's Discourse!

            Discourse is shown in many ways that are contained in the movie "Crocodile Dundee". These are shown mainly under three topics, these are symbols (signs), cultural views and cultural differences. .
             Mick Dundee (Paul Hogan) is the main dominant discourse, as he portrays himself as a true Australian though out the whole movie. This is shown by his way of thinking, language, dress and actions.
             His language throughout the movie is very different to the Americans. This is shown by his accent and his word choice. For example: when he was driving the taxi his abusive language to the other drivers was things like "You Pelican!" Where as an American is shown as using swearing as abusive language, this is shown in the scene where the pimp uses the "f" word in front of the hookers and Mick.
             Mick Dundee's Dress is also very different again compared to the Americans. Through out the whole movie he where's his vest, pants, flannel shirt and his outback hat. The main characters who are Americans where many different clothing such as business clothes (Suit) or evening where. .
             The way Mick Dundee thinks throughout this movie is very straightforward and sharp when it comes to on the spot situations, but then again can be very slow and simple when it comes to society and its technology in a different country. This is shown in one scene in the hotel, where Mick didn't know what or how to use the extra toilet, but after some time figures it out.
             Mick Dundee acts himself in America, but this would be considered weird and strange to other Americans in the movie, which is why if it was viewed by other Americans, it would give them that same impression. He does unusual things that people in that economy would not do, these people would consider Mick Dundee's actions uncivilized. For example : when Mick is standing up on the pole with road signs blocking them for traffic to see, the police officer comes over and gives him a lift away, but Mick did not notice himself that he was causing a traffic hazard.

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