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8th grade Standards 8.8.1

            1) Discuss the election of Andrew Jackson as president in 1828, the importance of Jacksonian democracy, and his actions as president (e.g., the spoils system, veto of the National Bank, policy of Indian removal, opposition to the Supreme Court). .
             Mainly between Democrat Republican Andrew Jackson and National Republican John Quincy Adams, the election of 1828 noted the revival of the two party system. The Democrat Republicans, or later simply known as the Democrats, consisted of small farmers, new city workers, and small businesses. It opposed a strong central government, and urged greater democracy. Basically, it supported Jefferson's original Republican ideals. The National Republicans, later called Whigs, and later just Republicans, derived their strength mainly from the higher classes v/s bankers, manufacturers, merchants, and large landowners. It resembled Hamilton's Federalist Party.
             Benefits to the United States through Jacksonian Democracy were overwhelmingly dependent on the use of governing through an overwhelmingly powerful executive branch. The Jacksonian democrats depicted themselves as saviors of the common people. They attempted to destroy aristocracy in America. However, they were exceptionally wealthy, therefore they supported equality between white men only, and enacted catastrophic economic policies, and neglected the capability of the federal government. Further, they did not introduce democracy in America, but simply used it and benefited from preset democracies. Economically, they benefited from governing during a time of advances in transportation, which boosted commerce and helped the common man. .
             Jacksonian Democracy believed that the people should manage government affairs. They reflected an agricultural and rising industrial society. The Jacksonian Democracy also expanded democracy beyond political aspects to include social and economical aspects as well. Cheap land was also an accomplishment of the democracy.

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