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Convulsion, Comes from "Dancer in the Dark"

            Convulsion, Comes from "Dancer in the Dark".
             Before I begin this paper, I want to tell you something: the first, when my friend asked me to help him to find a CD which is made by Bjork, this special name was pressed in my brain; and then after I heart her music, I found that I loved the music and her; so it leads to the second thing: when I saw a CD comes from her, all I wanted to do was to bring it home, without seeing its name. Therefore when I saw the film "Dancer in the Dark", I could make sure that I feel more than the others do. I want to write down both of them (the feeling about the music and the film) in English, in order to tell them apart, I will print the feeling about the music by Italics. And I decide to divide my paper into 7 parts, because the CD has 7 tracks. I also will use the same name that comes from the CD to name every part of my paper.
             I like classical music, so I like this overture. It sounds like a short movement of a symphony. It gave me a deep impression. When the brass band tell you something by a low voice, you can imagine that something unhappy had happen. But you still can find the hopethe power in your life, though they hide in the dark clouds. And no one can stop you.
             Oh, my God! Through the phantasmagoric menu and the music, I remember the CD that is made by Bjork! Except for the overture, I cannot feel many things from the other pieces. But that is enough, because this overture wake up my memory. Before I go to see this film, I just knew by hearsay that it's about a story happen on a mother who is going to blind, and Bjork act this mother. It is the first time of her to play in a film. What will happen? I remember that the other pieces of music in that CD bring a strange style, of cause, which is usual to Bjork. Go with the music, what kind of pictures will be bring to us? I am so urgent to know.
             Noise, much noise comes from shop or some where likes that.

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