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Ghosty Stories

            Ghost stories, they have the power to throw us into another world, leading us to not only fear for the characters within the novel but for ourselves as the ghosts seem to follow the reader around weeks afterwards. It is the mastery of description that enslaves our minds as readers. Ghost stories paint vivid pictures inside the mind as they force us to come face to face with our deepest fears. Imagining ourselves as the main characters we become a part of the story, seeing, hearing, and feeling everything that the author is courageous enough to delve into the darker side of his or her subconscious. The stories give a sense of escape, by allowing the reader to partake on the journey along side the characters; they are given the chance to become larger then life, doing things they would never be able to accomplish in their everyday life. They defeat the monster and come out the conquering hero, never forgetting the memory of their battle. Even after the book is done the scenes replay themselves over and over within the reader's mind. They have such an impact over their reader's, and that is a true accomplishment, not all genres of novels can succeed in such a feat. Now, I want you to sit back in your most comfortable chair, pull a blanket up around you, and grab a nice, warm cup of cocoa while .
             I tell you one of my favorite ghost stories. .
             Vivian plunked the last of the dusty, cardboard boxes down on the wooden floor. .
             She breathed heavily as she finally allowed herself to collapse into the burgundy softness of the cushioned chair seated in the far corner of the master bedroom. Thunder tore its way through the silence of the room. Vivian jumped, she didn't like being alone in the dark, musty house, especially during a thunder storm. She remembered when she and her husband, Jake, had first visited the house. It had been the middle of summer and after reading an article in the paper about the house, they had made the drive out to Osgood to see it.

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