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Comparing Coca Cola & Pepsi Websites

             Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the two biggest soft drink distributors and producers in the world. The Coca-Cola and Pepsi companies both have corporate and consumer websites. The corporate websites give you information on company history, investors, news, citizenship, careers, and contacts. The consumer websites gives you information on TV ads, promotions, music, sports, and company stores. The two websites have some similarities and differences in terms of content, navigation, structure, readability, and visual design. .
             Coca-Cola's corporate and consumer websites starts with a flash animation that took a little long to load. The flash color schemes of the websites were always red and the following web pages were in dark and light gray. The sites offer you the opportunity to view the web pages in a non-flash version. The link for the non-flash version is at the bottom of the page barely legible. The background of the web page has dark gray on one side and light gray on the other side. In addition, the font color is a charcoal gray that makes it a little hard to read. The web pages usually had three different font colors and the font sizes were a little small to read.
             The navigation for the corporate website was easy to use in finding information because the links were all at the top of the web page. As part of the corporate website, Coca-Cola has a link for their bottling website called Coca-Cola Enterprises. The navigation of the bottling website were not easy to use because there was no indication that the words in the middle of the page were links. The bottling website did not offer a link back to the corporate or consumer websites. The navigation for the consumer website was a little hard to use because of the position of the links and not knowing what were the links. The links were at the top, middle and bottom of the web page. The corporate and consumer websites both have a site map.
             Pepsi's corporate website is consistent page after page with the same layout, color schemes, backgrounds, fonts and sizes.

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