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Straight Edge

             I"m here today to talk to you about a term known as "Straight Edge". Many of you out there may be familiar with this, while others of you are probably pondering what is this guy talking about. Well for those of you who do not know of this "Straight Edge". It's a term used to describe someone who does not drink alcohol or do any kind of illegal drugs. Not because they have never been exposed to it but because they hold themselves to a higher standard than most people these days. Many people will live life no other way except the "Straight Edge" way. Its a way to truly live life to the purest and fullest. Meant for the true romantics of life. .
             They say that every 15 minutes a person is killed or injured in a automobile accident that involves alcohol or illegal substances. Now I know that some of you in this room go out every weekend and poison yourselves and you"re probably laughing at me right now. I hold nothing against you, all I ask is that you give me five minutes of your time today and if I have not swayed your opinion at all, then just walk away and keep laughing. .
             "Straight Edge" was a term or lifestyle that has been around for a very long time, no one knows when it exactly started. On the other hand it did not become known as "Straight Edge" until the late seventies, early eighties. When an underground punk band called "Minor Threat" started a following called "Straight Edge". They taught their fans (mostly teenagers) that you can have a good time, a better time when you are sober. Why numb your senses, why dull your life? People started catching onto these teachings and it became more and more widespread. .
             Many young people these days go out to parties and automatically they assume they have to get drunk to part of the party. This is not the case at all. Why call it going to a party? Just say you"re going to get drunk. When you go to parties, you can still meet new people, still have plenty of laughs, still hang out with your friends but you can do all of this sober, believe it or not.

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