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2001: A Space Odyssey,

            This movie portrays many views of a symbolic nature that refer to evolution. Evolution is a very controversial issue, because it intertwines with religion. This film in a way opposes the view of some religions on evolution. This movie is not for all people though; the people who can recognize the beauty of this film endure it immeasurably. .
             The first part or the beginning is referred to as the "Dawn of Man". The beginning starts as an empty desolate landscape, with a few noises escaping through the silent sunrise. As the mourning rolls on into evening you, you notice some birds, and then the first of the apes are introduced to us. Some senses of communication are established between the apes, mainly done by grunting and body motion and posture. As the day edges towards an end, the apes find themselves in a battle with a different group of apes over a water hole. This struggle displays a stepping-stone in the evolution process. They grunt and wave their arms around furiously, until finally one is victorious. .
             The next day the group of apes that lost woke up to a foreign objects, with straight edges called a monolith, which freaked out the apes. They did not know what it was or how it got there. As one ape emerged out of the group to become sort of a leader and touched the monolith. After it touched the monolith, the others touched it and became less uneasy around it. One ape later comes across a dead animal's bones, and begins experimenting. The ape figures out that the bones can be used to their advantage. The group of apes then goes back to the water hole, a couple equipped with bones. As they involve in engagement on of the apes beats another to death. Very impressed with the results the victorious ape grunts and jumps around, and then stands up with the bone in its hand. Last thing we saw the very beginning of the next part, which is a shot of a space ship.
             This is a great flick, but a little confusing.

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