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            The novel "Mahalia" is good reading for teenagers today. This novel deals with issues which would relate to adolescents in today's society. Mahalia is about two teenagers falling in love and unexpectedly having to take on the responsibilities of taking care of a child. The characters in this novel seem very much realistic, with responsibilities of everyday teenagers and the attitude of most adolescents. .
             This novel deals with issues which would relate to adolescents in today's society. These issues include; a first love and responsibilities in life. As nearly all teenagers face their first love in their teens they need to be reassured that life does go on after the relationship ends. Also the various responsibilities in life need to be taken seriously as the teenagers start to develop into adults. The novel Mahalia deals with such aspects and shows teenagers that they will eventually find another love in their life and also the responsibilities may be hectic at times but, they will eventually become easier to cope with and handle. Also the book deals with the pressure which faces most teenagers in one way or another. For example, this pressure may be, trying to show others that the person is capable of handling large issues and matters on their own, as well as trying to prove to it themselves. The teenager may feel the need to show that they are not a failure. As it is stated several times in the novel by the character Matt "I need to prove this them, I need to prove it to myself, I need to show them I"m not a failure, that I can handle it on my own and that I don't need their help." This shows that the character Matt in the novel "Mahalia" felt the need to do certain aspects and issues on his own, to prove to others that he wasn't a failure. Although, near the end of the book Matt did realise that asking for help, wouldn't class him as a failure by others. All teenagers should be aware of these issues, to help them through life.

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