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Legalization of Marijuana

             I believe that marijuana should be legalized in Canada and I found that if you researched this topic you would feel the same. Also that there are many good points for and against legalization.
             Such as marijuana being less harmful then alcohol if this is the case then why is alcohol legal but not marijuana.
             Marijuana has been illegal in Canada sense 1923 when the Opium and Drug Narcotics came into effect. Ever sense then people have been fighting to try to legalize it. So far we seem to be doing all right they have legalized marijuana for medical use in some states. Marijuana is effective in treating different medical orders such as AIDS , cancer, epilepsy and chronic pain. Some other benifits are relief from nausea and increased appetite which can play a good role when it comes to eating disorders.
             Many people believe legalization will lead to an increase in crime rate. This how ever cannot be true if they were to legalize marijuana then I believe the crime rate would drop. Think about it think about the costs to keep convicts in jail for a crime as small as trafficking. It costs billions of dollars a year to keep these convicts in jail when there are bigger more important things to spend there money on such as health care. Over 600 000 people have criminal records for simple possession charges.
             So who should and shouldn't" be allowed to smoke it? Well I feel that Marijuana could be regulated just the same as alcohol but with different age limits. Most people by the age of sixteen are well aware about Marijuana and its effects. Also a lot of teens by the age of 16 are able to make choices's for themselves and have been exposed to it anyway. Also think of the money the government could make off that billions of dollars.
             I believe that one of the main reasons that Marijuana is not legal is because of the effects.
             A marijuana high usually lasts two to three hours, in which a wide range of effects may occur.

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