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How is chemistry related to cooking

             My chemistry class was told to write a paper about how chemistry is related to cooking. Now if you were a normal teenager like me and a teacher gave you this assignment you would give them the same face I gave my teacher. A confused, are you serious sort of face. How is chemistry related to cooking? And how can I write a paper about it? After I understood what he was looking for it was pretty simple.
             In chemistry they have something called a Chemical Equation. A Chemical Equation tells us what substances are being used up and what substances are being made. In cooking terms a Chemical Equation would be the recipe. A Chemical Equation tells us how much of a substance you need to add as does a recipe. It also shows you the ingredients you will need.
             In chemistry there's also a Balanced Chemical Equation. A Balanced Chemical Equation is also like a recipe, but shows the ratio in which you will need to add the ingredients. You need to add the ingredients in the right ratio in both cooking and chemistry. Other wise the substance your making won't work or will work to much. You have to be very careful with what you add and how u add it.
             With both chemicals and food temperature is also very important. You have to be very careful. You have to make sure you don't heat something up to much or to little. With cooking it will either burn or be rare. In chemistry there could be a chance that it will combust. Both in a recipe and in a Balanced Chemical Equation you have to follow the directions and ratios very carefully.
             As you read my paper you could see that chemistry is related to cooking in many ways. They both use recipes that consist of ingredients. Both recipes show their ingredients in ratios. You have to watch out for the temperature you set them to and how much of an ingredient you put into what your making. So after all writing this paper wasn't so hard, and now if my teacher asks me how chemistry is related to cooking I know exactly what to respond.

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