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White Tigers

             The most famous and the first known captured white tiger was Mohan, and he was discovered as a cub in 1951 on a Maharaja's hunting trip. They tried to kill it, but luckily it escaped. Eventually, the cub was eventually caught though. It was taken to the palace and he was put in a large courtyard. Three. days later, the white tiger escaped. A hunt was started to find the cub. Some of the hunters were violently attacked by the cub. When it attacked again, he was hit with a club and then was captured. He then lived in another courtyard for the rest of his life. They bred him with an orange tigress, but there were no white cubs so they bred Mohan with one of the daughters and there were four white tigers born. The white tigers have white fur, chocolate colored stripes, pink paws, and a pink nose. They usually have blue eyes however they have been known to have other colors for their eyes such as amber or green.
             A white tiger is only born when both parents carry a gene for white coloring. Only one in 10,000 tigers are born with the gene, however. Also, white tigers are not Siberian. The Siberian white tigers are hybrid of a white Bengal tiger and a Siberian tiger. A tiger must have Bengal genes in order to be white, so all white tigers have at least a little bit of Bengal in them. A white tiger lives on average for 10 to 15 years in the wild and 16 to 20 years in captivity. The female has 3 to 4 cubs in one litter. Orange tigers born with the white gene are called "Heterozygous".
             The length of a male white tiger is measured at being 8 feet and 9 inches to 10 feet. The length of a female is measured at 8 feet to 9 feet. The male white tiger weighs from 397 to 569 pounds. The female weighs between 220 to 353 pounds.
             The white tigers live in grassy plains. They also live in the forests and tropical areas of far east Asia. Their range is Asia, mostly around India. Their niche really isn't anything. However they do sort of live to be admired by humans, but other than that, they just eat things.

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