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Women's Voting Rights

             "Women's Voting Rights".
             This year I have taken part in a social studies unit on the history of voting rights. I have decided to write a report about social conditions that led women in England. I received all information in this report from a speech delivered by Emmeline Pankhurst.
             In 1808 some of the many conditions women faced were that first and foremost women didn't count it was as though they didn't exist. Men decided everything women did from what they wore to what they ate. Once they married they would have to quit their jobs and immediately start a family and once the child was born, in English laws there was only one parent and that was the father who also decided exactly what the child did and did not do. Men also wrote the marriage laws and decided whether or not women were equal. Even though women looked happy and content it was because they had to look like that due to the fact that men "made" them .
             Even after all the laws that have been passed in some places there has still been an inequality between men and women especially in places of work for many years men always got the job even though some women may have had more experience. I believe that in the world today there are smarter women than men but they never receive a chance to prove themselves to anyone other than themselves. It's as though they could work for fifty years and applies for a job but if the men applied with no experience they would still receive the job, I consider that to be feminist.
             Hopefully in the years to come women can be treated exactly like men are. With no boundaries once or ever. For women to have a good job like men. And to someday become superior to them. .

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