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Battle dress

             The human race can be simply divided into two categories: those who have style and those who just, well don't. These two basic groups can be sub-divided into further groups. I have taken the liberty of identifying some of these because being aware of the clothes around you equals social awareness. Whether a person chooses to care about their dress or not divulges exactly what kind of person they are, or will become. For example, given the time, I could walk around a public place and point out the kind-hearted, purely by taking notice of their dress. Superficial, yes I know, but the accuracy of this method would baffle even the most unstylish. Now, lets take a closer look at some of those groups.
             The Trendsetters.
             Okay, these are basically the people who always seem to choose the perfect shoes, clothes and accessories before anyone else. They experiment with their ideas.
             and appear carefree to what others think. One such experiment was the ever so chic dress worn over a pair of jeans. This fashion cult was started by the Japanese super-model, Devon Aoki. The word cult only begins to describe the extremities of this idea. One would not be able to enter a collage without being confronted by a least five different girls modelling a dress casually worn over jeans. I admit that even I have been known to wear this look. Shameful. The trendsetters are significant in the balance of dress because they are the ones we look towards for ideas. Although I wonder how long a trendsetter spends on deciphering their flawless outfit. Let's be perfectly honest, I"m sure that if you look back there was always one person at school who was the trendsetter. There always is.
             The Trend-followers.
             Ugh, where shall I begin? No style or originality is a feature of this group because they are sooo clueless. These people simply copy the trendsetter, from their hair down to their shoes. The smallest detail would give away a trend-follower such as "The Wrong Trousers" and I"m not talking "Wallace and Gromit.

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