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Battle of Gettysburg

             The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War. It was also the last battle in the Civil War. In this paper I will talk about the movie we watched on the Battle of Gettysburg. .
             Some strengths of watching a movie other than what we got from the book were: it gave a better view than a book, books make it hard to visualize it. The video showed more emotion. It gave you more of a feel for the war. In the video you could see what things looked like, such as: the geography of the land, what the soldiers looked like, how they dressed, what a battle field looked like after a battle, and what their artillery looked like.
             The weaknesses of watching the video was: it took five days to watch it. It was a reenactment, the movie was not exactly how the battle looked in real life. It was not the same as how it was described in the book. There was too much talking and some people might have lost interest. Another weakness is that it is hard for some people to watch a movie and take notes on it at the same time.
             The movie had some history that let you know what was going on, like minor details that the discussion did not have. In the discussion we talked about Heth going to get shoes and meeting up with Bearuford. In the movie they never said anything about Heth going to get shoes in Gettysburg. The movie showed a detailed map to Gettysburg and of the battle site which gave a better mental picture than the drawing in the discussion. In the movie you got to see what it was like at night when they set up camp. You got to see what they had and did not have. It also showed what the generals do at night to prepare for the next day. The movie gave a better understanding of what the battlefield looked like. It actually showed how important the high ground actually was. The movie showed what soldiers and generals looked like, how they dressed differently, and what they carried. Also it showed that the generals or leaders of the division usually rode horses.

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