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Battle Of Gettysburg

             Lee received approval to move to the north in hope that it would fuel the.
             The Battle Of Gettysburg had started. Lee did.
             not arrive to the battle until the afternoon. He had hoped that he and his army.
             would not have to engage in any fighting because they were tired from the long.
             journey and did not know the area that well. However, soon after noon Rode's.
             Division and Ewell's Corps, troops of the north, attacked. By 4 p.m., however, the.
             Union troops were in retreat through Gettysburg to Cemetery Hill. The Union had.
             already lost 9,000 men, including the 3,000 that were captured. The days action.
             resulted in a Confederate victory. .
             The success of Lee's victory encouraged him to renew the battle on July 2,.
             1863. Lee ordered the corps to cut off the Union at Little Round Top, while Ewell.
             was ordered to conduct a demonstration against the Union. The Union army was.
             well prepared for Lee's attack. General Meade, who had just taken over for the.
             Union, ordered his men and other troops to form a hook shape around the Battle.
             area. The Unions effort to storm the Cemetery Hill, where they had formed the.
             hook, was unsuccessful. The fighting ended again with the Confederacy gaining.
             ground, but failing to hold he Union Army from its strong positions. .
             Now, Lee's confidence had been shaken, loosing 9,000 men the day before.
             On July 3, 1863 Lee ordered Longstreet, his second in command, who had been.
             rienforced by General George Pickett's Division, to assualt the Union from the left.
             Lee then decided to risk everything on an infantry charge against the center of the.
             Union position. After two hours of duel the Union guns stopped returning fire, only.
             to save ammunition. The Confederacy, thinking they had defeated the enemy,.
             ordered the direct attack. Fifteen thousand Confederate soldiers formed three.
             rows a mile long and headed toward the Union. This event was known as "Picketts.
             Charge." General George Pickett was one of the three generals that was on the.

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