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Death of a Salesman

             On the surface it can be hard to tell whether a person is genuine, or whether their genuity is just a fazade. Linda Loman fits perfectly into this category, without reading into her, or just focusing on Willy as being the one in the family with the problems, Linda carries the illusion of the perfect wife. On the outside she is loving, kind, generous, and only seems to want the best for her boys and husband no matter how disillusioned their dreams may be. After going back and looking at her character in the play again, one will see that her love and kindness is tainted by her trying to cover up her own unhappiness in order to please Willy. But no matter what Willy says or does or how unhappy she may be she still truly believes that he loves her and she knows that she loves him. This kind of lying to oneself to escape reality is truly the heart of Linda's problems, she is a battered wife, in the emotional sense of the word. .
             The Loman's have lived their lives based on lies, living in a dream world, and Linda seems to be the only one who sees the reality of their situation, but deems it more important that Willy not get upset than express her opinions. This fazade she has is most likely influenced not only for her concern for Willy but also her fear of him. She worry's that if she says the wrong thing that he will unleash on her, so instead she too has decided that this dream world they are living in is, for a time being, reality. .
             It is not till the end of the play that we do not see Linda as only protecting Willy, but we realize that the whole time she has had an grasp on reality but chosen not to express it. Expressed in this following quote we see both Linda's knowledge of reality and cooped up anger. "Did you have to go to women tonight? You and your lousy rotten whores!- This takes place after Biff and Happy have come home form dinner after deserting their dad, and he came stumbling home, depressed, hurt and is now in his garden planting in the pitch black leaving Linda to worry about his well-being and to yell at the boys.

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