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             Can divorce be the cause of children abnormal behavior? Children who are raises by a single parent will likely be effect by their behavior. This kind of behavior can lead a child to commit any kind of criminal act, because he/she has not been properly raises. Parents who are divorce will have many negative impacts on their children. .
             Divorce can be major changes for most children, because it is hard for a child to live without either parent. If a child lacks of love of a mother or a father, they can likely be influenced by bad people and could lead them into participating criminal activities. Children at a young age can be easily manipulated by outsiders and this will increase the chance for children to get involved into crime such as theft, shoplifting, and murder. A child can blame both of the parents for not properly raises him/her, yet this costs them their whole future. Lacking the love of neither parents can psychologically affecting the child behavior and yet that can lead him/her into the life of a committing serious crimes. Hence, divorce can be directly cost a child's future.
             As society involved into the new generation, divorce has been a common thing to people, because they are selfish enough to care for themselves, but not for the future of their own children, and how they will suffered. Therefore, divorce is full of selfishness and cruelty, and yet that have many negative impacts on their children. .

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