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Always hemingway

            'A man can be destroyed but not defeated' (The Old Man and The Sea 103) solidifies a personal method of characterization exercised by Ernest Hemingway. Not only does this quote apply to the book, but it also applies to Hemingway's life. In fact, he may be one of modern-day's most influential and prominent writers. He utilizes a notably atypical style to write his books for which he was highly ostracized. Critics also find similarities between Hemingway and the main characters in his stories. The Old Man and The Sea is no exception; the unyielding parallels between Santiago, the protagonist, and Hemingway contributed to the effectiveness of Hemingway's writing. For example, Santiago, a fisherman, was pummeled with a great deal of misfortune. At one time, he was the most respected and successful fisherman in Cuba. However, his recent stint of unsuccessful excursions alienated him from his colleagues. After Santiago's big catch, he regained the respect of his fellow fishermen. Likewise, Hemingway endured a similar disappointment. He too was world-renowned and suffered a major blow to his career and existence. With successful novels such as For Whom the Bell Tolls and A Farewell To Arms, his ensuing novel Across The River and into the Trees was published in 1950 and hailed a disaster. This coincidentally eradicated all respect Hemingway once yearned for. Luckily his follow-up, The Old Man and The Sea, was an undisputed triumph and earned Hemingway a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. By using his own knowledge Hemingway put the reader in an actual location not in a fictional setting. He portrayed a true mood for a man struggling with his career. This style entices the reader's emotions and creates an emotional attachment. By generating a character that enveloped biographical attributes, Hemingway wrote accurately with a distinctive appeal to his reader. Since I genuinely enjoyed the book, a timeless classic, I am awarding it four stars.

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