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Native American Literature

            Stop the judging! Stop the stereotypes, and read! Native Americans.
             literature shows life, logic and informative backgrounds of the life of a.
             Native American. Native American literature is important, and there are.
             numerous reasons why. The study of Native American literature has opened.
             the minds of many people. Native American literature is not only.
             informative but entertaining, whether the literature is a wise tale to a.
             contemporary perspective non-fiction piece. Most of the stories were told.
             orally also, so by having a story documented and written it is much more.
             significant and needed to be remembered. The Literature can also portray a.
             different prospective on many non-Native American's life. Native Americans.
             are stereotyped everyday. By reading and being educated through the.
             literature, it will give a better understanding of the Native Americans.
             culture and life style.
             Native American literature is a mind opener to many people that non-.
             Native American and unaware of the culture, and life style. Although Native.
             Americans don't live in a healthy, safe, clean living and learning.
             environments. The culture of the Native Americans is very different from.
             the average U.S. American. The Native American literature describes all the.
             diverse tribes, and dressings, and tongues in the book, "Nothing but the.
             Truth" written by John L. Purdy and James Ruppert. By sharing the.
             Knowledge of Native Americans this has a less chance of people having to.
             judge and stereotype.
             Stereotypes come from not knowing about it or from word of mouth.
             Through out Native American literature essays are acknowledged to the fact.
             that the Native Americans are stereotyped on television and children books.
             and many other different ways. In "The Sacred Hoop", a contemporary.
             perspective on U.S. American's stereotypes, written by Paula Gunn-Allen,.
             says, "The significance of literature can be best understood in terms of.
             the culture from which it springs, and the purpose of literature is clear.

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