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American Literature:

             American Literature: Columbus,Smith, Bradford,Jefferson.
             The new world discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, would lead to a new start for people's lives in America for centuries to come. America today is still referred to as the land of dreams, but over three hundred years ago that phrase had much more meaning to the people. A few people would travel across the Atlantic in search of Asia to establish faster trade routes, later some would travel to the new world to find riches, and than even more would travel for freedom. The literature these people have left behind, gives us some idea of just what their dreams were and how they either succeeded or failed in their quests for a better life. .
             "A thousand different sorts of trees, with their fruit were to be met with, and of a wonderfully delicious odor. It was a great affliction to me to be ignorant of their natures, for I am very certain they are all valuable; specimens of them and of the plants I have preserved" (Columbus 108-109). Columbus, thinking he had reached Asia, soon realized he had not and became aware of the fact that he had discovered land that no other Europeans knew of. The islands he landed on did not consist of abundances of riches such as gold and silver, but to Columbus the Islands were seen as paradise. Columbus established good relations with the Native Americans and even set up a barter situation with them so there could be further trade. Columbus may not have succeeded in his goal of reaching Asia by traveling west, but he did accomplish the goal of creating a better life for himself. He has become one of the most recognized names in history and he opened up the exploration for Spain into the new world.
             It would be a century later before England would approve the formation of the colony Jamestown, where John Smith would become a prominent figure. After the death of the original president of Jamestown, John Smith took over in 1608.

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