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The Grapes Of Wrath

            The Grapes Of Wrath In the book America was going under great change. We are getting more and more into computers. In the book our country was undergoing change in the landscape of America. Much of the country was very hot and all of the crops were dieing. At this time people are scared of attacks of terrorism. In the 1930's I"m sure attacks from terrorists never crossed their minds, now most people are paranoid when they travel on airplanes, go big events, and just in general.
             It is fitting that grandma and grandpa never made it to California because it was a second chance for the Joads. And Grandma and grandpa would have made it harder to survive. The family got more food with two less people to feed. With living in Oklahoma for so many years, they wouldn't know how to live in there. In the movie I never saw any old people. .
             In the book Steinbeck made almost all the Owners in California heatless. Like when they stop for bread the owner of the store is nice to give the Joads a loaf of bread for 10 cents instead of 15 cents, and she gives them two suckers for a penny when they are normally 5 cents each. But when they stop for gas the owner asks if they have money, he thinks they came to still food and use the restrooms. But the only reason he thought that was because many people do that, so he assumed that every immigrant was there to rob him. Most of the people in California hate the people from Oklahoma, because they can hardly find work as it is. .
             The Turtle in the beginning of the book is like the Joads because the turtle had nothing where it was so it took its chance crossing the street to find something better. And they had nothing so they risked every thing to find a new life in California. The turtle dropped its seeds crossing the street, as the Joads lost loved ones moving to California. .

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