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Feudal Systems: England vs. Japan

             The differences and similarities of the English and Japanese feudal systems are as numerous as the miles in between. To comprehend these variations and resemblances one must understand what feudalism is in its purest form. Feudalism is an arrangement that involves militarily establishments, servants, and large quantities of land. The English and Japanese feudal structures are similar in this way. .
             The feudal system in both countries worked basically in the same fashion. For instance, instead of kings, the lords (people who were higher than the serfs and fiefs, but lower than some lords), called samurais in Japan, pledged their allegiance to shoguns. The Japanese feudal system relied heavily on military execution of laws. The shoguns were usually the most powerful samurai that married or killed their way to the highest position of power. The shogunate, the office of the shogun, was the most desired position of the Japanese feudal system. The shogun not only was the chief military leader, but he was also in control of finances, law, and whom got appointed to offices in the system. The empires of Japan and England were so vast that a shogun and king were not enough. The samurai were below, the shogun, in power status. Each samurai was kept in a portion of the country to maintain order and stability. In the English society, the lords were the citizens that were appointed to regulate each sector of the country assigned. The samurai and lords were also in control of how the land was divided among the people. The more important and loyal a person, the more land he received.
             The connections that are shared by these two countries can be seen most clearly in the relationship between the knight and the samurai in respect to each country. Knights and samurais used horses in fighting and competing for honor. On the other hand, knights used one sword, while the samurai used two curved swords. The knights and samurai both believed in a certain code that must be abided, that include being honest, trustworthy, polite, and brave.

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