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Marijuana Tretment and effect

            Marijuana unlike most drugs is not physically addicting, although, marijuana can form a psychological dependence. While Marijuana is not an addictive drug it does produce a dependence on the substance. Marijuana abusers are called dependant not addicted.
             Physical dependence is manifested when an interruption of drug use produces physical withdrawal symptoms. It is believed that marijuana is not physically addictive, except in extremely high doses that are atypical of the majority of users. But because of the "good feeling" and instant gratification that marijuana can produce, psychological dependence is a very real consequence. Moreover, the lack of motivation that also is experienced by regular users may make it even more difficult to discontinue using marijuana. .
             (Indiana Prevention Resource Center).
             The most common risk behaviors in adolescents are need for separating from parents, achieving adult status, and gaining peer acceptance, some other behaviors include stress, boredom, social anxiety, rejection, and low self-esteem. Many adolescents believe that Marijuana will make them feel less stressed about their feelings, but in reality, it simply postpones one feeling their stress while simultaneously leading to increased stress and depression. On the other end of the scenario behaviors of an abuser include; fast and loud talking, slur of speech, forgetfulness of what was just said in conversation, extreme sleepiness, case of "the munchies", case of "the giggles", increase in appetite, irritation in whites of eyes and redness, odor on clothes or breathe, reduction in speed when driving, use or possession of illegal objects, loss in sense of time, red Skin, loss of memory, and dizziness. Depending on which test is used to determine if a person has used marijuana a test can pick up traces of THC anywhere between 1 week and 5 years after use. The most common test is a urine test which picks up traces of the chemical up to a week after the chemical was used.

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