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Comparison of Story of an Hour and Clever Manka

            Clever Manka and Story of an Hour are both very good short stories.
             personally favored Clever Manka because of the idealism. I enjoy happy endings. Story of .
             an Hour and Clever Manka are alike in that they both involve a husband and a wife. They .
             both display the women as being inferior to men because of the time that the stories took .
             place. Back then women were merely there to tend to their husbands' needs.
             In story of an Hour Mrs. Mallard is so unhappy with her husband that she feels .
             relief when she learns that her husband has been killed in an accident, but in Clever.
             Manka, Manka loves her husband very much and is happy to be married to him. In both.
             stories the main female character has conflict with her husband, Manka disobeys her .
             husband and he kicks her out, but they end up together which shows that the writer is.
             using idealism. In Story of an Hour, Mrs. Mallard is very unhappy in her marriage to .
             Brently Mallard and is not heartbroken when he might be dead. When she finds out that .
             he is not dead she ends up dying. I think that the author uses a lot of symbolism in this.
             short story. He uses the death of Mrs. Mallard as a symbol of her long awaited freedom.
             I enjoyed reading Story of an Hour because it makes the reader think. It makes you .
             wonder why Mrs. Mallard was so unhappy with her marriage,and what could Brently have .
             done to make her satisfied with his death. The story doesn't go into great detail about their .
             marriage. I liked Clever Manka because it was a more satisfying ending. It was a love story .
             about two people on the same level who get married and live happily ever after. I didn't .
             think that they were going to be together in the end when the burgomaster kicks Manka .
             out, so there was a little suspense, which everyone loves, and in the end the girl gets the guy,.
             which everyone loves also. So this story is very idealistic. It was written to please the reader,.
             unlike Story of an Hour, it was written to prove a point.

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