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Comparison Between The Dead and The Story of an Hour

            "The Dead- and "The Story of an Hour-.
             The story of James Joyce's "The Dead,"" consists of many symbols and ironies. Kate and Julie Morkan, two elderly sisters who live with their spinster niece, are holding their annual Christmas dance. Their married nephew Gabriel Conroy, attends with his wife, and delivers an after-dinner speech. Among the guest is a tenor, Bartell D' Arcy, who sings after much good natured prodding a ballad that affects Gabriel's wife Gretta strangely. After the party, as they walk back in the snow to their hotel room, Gabriel experiences feelings of great passion for his wife. When he approaches her in the hotel room, however, she breaks into tears, and informs him about a former lover she had known when she lived in the country, a young boy who had died, as she believes, for her. All of Gabriel's complacent assumptions about his own life are in a moment torn down, and yet he responds eventually with "generous tears- of understanding and creating feeling. As the snow continues to fall alike on the living and the dead, Gabriel undergoes a moment of sublime understanding. Towards the end of the story, we see how unhappy Gabriel is and can almost predict that he will leave his wife.
             James Joyce's "The Dead- is very similar to Kate Chopin "The Story of an Hour."" In the short story, irony can be found at the very start of the story. Mrs. Mallard's friends assume, mistakenly, that Mrs. Mallard was deeply in love with her husband, whom she believes has been killed in a railroad accident. The friends mean well and in fact they do well. They bring her an hour of life and an hour of joyous freedom. Mrs. Mallard at first expresses grief when she hears the news, but soon, unknown to her friends, finds joy in it. Later in the story, the husband appears and Mrs. Mallard dies. Another irony at the end of the story is the diagnosis of the doctors. The doctors say she died of "heart disease "of the joy that kills.

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