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Family relationships

            Inseparable Bonds Between Family Relationships.
             Anyone can separate a bond that requires a minimal amount of energy, but how can anyone separate a bond between family that are invisible and simultaneously intertwines the family relationships. Through the comparison between two short stories Two Kinds, and The Red Convertible, readers will discover the inseparable bonds between the family relationships that are strengthened to become tighter with a sacrifice support and ardent love.
             The frustration between parents and their children caused by disagreements, often result in failures to connect or blindness to each other's problems. However, such obstacles caused by frustration are not powerful enough to occupy the connections between family relationships. One of many examples of unstable parent-child relationships is the relationship between Jing-mei and her mother. Jing-mei is a rebellious child whose selfishness caused her to learn about genuine love that comes from the family relationships. For example, Jing-mei's mother's devoted mind to sacrifice her comforts by trading services of work for weekly lessons for Jing-mei, shows the ardent love and support of the family. Another example of family relationships strengthened by love is Mother's forgiveness of Jing-mei, after Jing-mei's use of hateful words that appalls her in such heartbreaking way. Jing-mei hurt her mother's feelings so deeply that it seems as if mother would never recover from the profound scars. However, the bond between Jing-mei and her mother had proved to be unharmed when her mother forgave Jing-mei of what she did.
             Bonds between the family relationships prove to get tighter if one side understands another side's troubles or pains. In the story The Red Convertible, Lyman the younger brother fights with the older brother Henry. This fight is ironic because the fight is not hostile in a way, but rather friendly.

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