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An approach to systems development that would minimise the c

            The dynamic nature of modern business and its needs to develop information systems more quickly to meet changing environmental needs, has affected the way in which information systems are analysed, designed, implemented and evaluated within the business environment. Within increasingly dynamic environments, characterised by continuous changes, there is a critical business need to change and update, as rapidly as possible. Computers allow human resource managers to provide better services to line managers; enable personnel staff to access and analyse information quickly, to produce employee records according to specific criteria, etc. However, if the existing Human Resource computer system/information system is antiquated, it may be unable to respond effectively to the present needs of the organisation. The decision to develop a more up to date system would become imperative.
             Common Problems .
             There are many common problems associated with the development of information systems. These problems may occur in the initial stages of development or begin to emerge as the development progresses towards completion and beyond. .
             One of the problems may be an imprecise initial cost estimate which will impact the HR department hugely, especially where working from a tight budget. This may occur where the initial development costs did not take into account delays or complications that may arise as the development progresses. Increased cost may also be a result of specifications being made by the client after the initial cost estimate was made. .
             A case study from Durham University Business School shows that the process of deciding what software to use, designing the database and testing it thoroughly took an additional two months with running costs of £3,000 per annum (DTI, 1997). .
             If the clients have little or no experience in developing information systems this may prove to be a barrier in receiving initial specifications for the new system or even more problematic, the client may not know what they require from a new information system.

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