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             Courage, something many people too often seem to attribute to themselves. People all over the world regardless of race, gender, or religion, value this attribute of people. People who have blatantly portrayed this attribute often receive recognition for it. Often times people with real courage go unnoticed. It is my goal to help other people see and recognize courage in people, but in order to notice it we must expand on our concept of courage beyond extreme acts of desperation.
             Courage what takes courage? Some people say giving your life for some one takes courage or a person who has been labeled as hero, they must have had courage . The man who stayed and fought until his last drop of blood had poured out. Yes, those people all have courage. Most people however, are not in situations like this. I do believe however that courage can, and is displayed in everyday situations. For example do you know any one who is honestly there own person? Unafraid to stand up for what they believe and not afraid to say what they think even if it is not cool, those people have courage. Those who stick up for some one even if that other person is a "loser" are not afraid of what other people think of them. The lowly person who gets made fun of everyday but still comes to school with there head held high and are not ashamed of the clothes they where or the history their name bears, they have courage. I believe that one of the biggest acts of courage is being yourself, because that is who you are.

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