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Religion - A solution? Or an issue?

             All my life I have been bought up to believe in God in a certain, very strict way. It is my feeling that the different "methods" of believing in God has really corrupted society. Enough so that people will fight to the death over it. It is an issue that is often overlooked a lot.
             In many countries in Europe, Protestants fight with Catholics over minor differences in their denominations. Baptists get baptized when they are "ready" while Catholics baptize when christened. Whatever denomination one may be, I strongly believe that everything you may not do because it's bad is a stupid manmade opinion. Researching through a book titled "Cults and Religions of the world" as well as negative experiences have made me believe so.
             I can say that all the bullcrap I've gone through with religion has made me hate it to an extent. Examples being the following: I got kicked out of my church for wearing jewelry. I also got labeled a drug dealer for smoking and I continually get cursed by certain people in my church and ridiculed for supposedly not respecting my parents. I am also considered a drug dealer by many by the wardrobe I wear. It doesn't stop there. Whatever it may be, these people are brainwashed and very hypocritical.
             I will never respect religion the way I used to. Even though I was brought up to be a Pentecostal I never really felt I fit in. Every time I would step into the sanctuary I felt very uncomfortable, as people would often stare at me for having my hair in a certain way or wearing something that, was deemed unacceptable. I still believe in god but not all the bullcrap going around from church to church.
             My problem is not nearly the biggest issue though. It's a lot bigger than my situation and me. Everywhere you go there is corruption in a church of belief. Take for example some of the Muslims from Afghanistan. People who basically commit suicide but say that they are dying for their beliefs.

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