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Allies or Enemies

            What is an ally? Well certainly not France, or Russia, or China, or Germany! Over the years the United States grew ties with these countries and they claim to be our allies; however, with the United State's recent conflict with Iraq, these countries will not support the United State's decision to go to war.
             These countries do have good reasons, but there must be more to it. Germany and France will not back the United State's because they believe the issue can be solved in a peaceful manner. PLEASE!! They can take that peaceful manner stuff and stick it where the sun don't shine. It is very simple, they are afraid! They do not want to back the United State's because they do not have what it takes to stand up for the freedom of their country. For example, the France had to have help when they went to war with Germany because they could not defend themselves successfully.
             Germany also believes that going to war would undermine the credibility of the NATO alliance. Give me a break. NATO doesn't want to help the United States; they are trying to establish themselves from the U.S. Yes, NATO is growing stronger everyday and has many countries wanting to join up, but NATO is doing only one thing, and that is growing separate from the United States.
             Another reason for France and Germany not backing the United States is the oil issue. These countries may seem like they just want to solve the problem to avoid war, but the real reason is oil. France and Germany both have oil contracts with Iraq, and if the United States goes in and takes over Iraq, then France and Germany would not get as much oil. They are nothing but money hungry savages. And all of the third-world countries have the audacity to say the exact same thing about the United States.
             Now onto Russia. Russia believes that the United States should just continue to have the United Nations inspect Iraq for weapons of mass destruction.

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