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World Wars I and II

            What was the major difference between World War I and World War II? American's know that both wars were a victory, but achieved at a great cost. The wars also changed the future of how the world would work with new allies and new enemies. Land would be conquered and divided and many countries will have to start over. WWI and WWII were life-altering but the differences between the two were the technology, strategies, and advanced weapons. With only 20 years apart, the drastic change of how the two wars were fought made "war " a whole new game.
             In World War I and WWII, both technology was used to help defeat the enemy. American technology in WWI consisted of new naval ships called submarines. According to Dictionary.com a submarine is "a vessel that can be submerged and navigated under water, usually built for warfare and armed with torpedoes or guided missiles." These were used in WWI as well as WWII. Other technology used in the WWI was air traffic control which helped the piolets communicate with other planes and their bases. Before the formation of air traffic control, planes flew blindly in the air, but with air traffic control they could fly more planes in the air and get more supplies to the battle-field during the war. Hydrophones (radar for submarines) was invented and used to locate enemy submarines in the WWI. Although the difference, in the WWI technology and WWII's were monstrous, in World War II the submarines were much more advance. According to Americanhistory.edu, World War II submarines had a bigger hull so the submarines could go deep in the water. They also had deck guns and torpedoes that were used to sink the enemy ships. These were few of the many improvements that were made in technology between wars which drastically changed the outcome of the war.
             Secondly, the strategies used in fighting the war were very different. During WWI, fighting was usually done on land or at sea.

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