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South Africa

             The Republic of South Africa has both a diverse topography and a varying climate. During the winter, the days are warm with no clouds and the nights are frosty and cold. The summer days are full of frequent thunderstorms, product of the wind currents, and searing heat. Along the coast there is usually a dense fog that is dangerous to ships. The rainfall is unreliable, so wells and dams are used for water. The highest point is Champagne Castle, and of the few year-round rivers there are four main ones: Limpopo, Orange, Tugela, and Vaal. There is a small coastal strip that borders the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Most of the land is a flat grassland plateau that turns into a desert farther North. There is a bit of forest in the south. As you can see, the climate and the geography of the Republic of South Africa are varying and unique.
             Agriculture and Interesting Facts.
             The Republic of South Africa has a lot of interesting culture and different things behind it. For agriculture, fifteen percent of the land is arable, but the country still manages to be self-sufficient for food. The main crops are sugar, corn, fruits, both canned and fresh, vegetables, wine, goats, sheep, dairy, cattle, wheat, potatoes, grapes, and poultry. The country also has three capitals, with Pretoria being the main one. The executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the government are all housed in the cities of Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town respectively. They have a lot of mining in South Africa also. South Africa has eleven official languages, including Afrikaans and English, and the rand is the official currency. In a 1996 estimate, the population was approximated at 41,743,000 people. .
             Food Customs/ History of Food.
             The population of South Africa is very diverse; therefore, the food customs differ greatly from people to people. In the Indian communities, they typically will eat native Indian food consisting of a wide variety of curries and delicacies.

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