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Adelaide Labille-Guiard:

             Self Portrait with Two Pupils Painted by Adelaide Labille-Guiard is now a painting that stands out and was then in 1784 a painting that stood out and was noticed by many. You can see this by how different her self portrait is then many other women artists of the time. Adelaide does not only want to capture her but truly who she is. She is trying to convey that not only is she an artist but also a teacher as well a very feminine woman. .
             One aspect of this painting that is the attire she chooses for herself as well as her pupils. As for the pupils they are dressed in rather simple clothing with darker colors. But Adelaide is dress to show off her femininity. She is wearing a very fancy bright pastel blue dress, which shows some of her skin. As well as a beautiful hat to match. This is obviously not the attire she would .
             be wearing if she were truly at work painting, but instead she wishes to show off her feminine side as well as put her in the light by dressing in the brighter color. .
             Another way Adelaide was sowing her femininity was in her role as a teacher she shows two female pupils looking on at her work. The presence of these pupils gives the painting even more feminine view then if it were just Adelaide in the portrait. This seems especially intriguing because of how little women at the time were accepted to study painting.
             There is one other aspect of this painting that truly shows Adelaide's femininity and that is the statue in the background of the Vestal Virgin. Who were the only female priests of the Roman religious system. .
             I feel that all of these views of femininity are emphasizing a large portion of Adelaide's personality. I also think she included herself as a teacher because it is something she is proud of. As well I feel she painted .
             herself in such a dress because it shows off her a higher social class. .
             In terms of how she used her tools to enhance the painting, I believe she brought a lot of light to herself, using the bright pastel blue on her dress as well as the brightness of her face.

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