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Easter in an american family

             This year I spent my Easter in a little different way from what I am used to. I got invited by one of the guys in the soccer team to come home to his parent's house for Easter dinner with him and his family. I got very happy and accepted gladly. The dinner took place in his parent's house in Carlsbad here in the San Diego area. .
             We got there around noon even though the dinner was not until five in the afternoon. That was because my friend (Jordan) wanted to spend some quality time with his parents. Since they are of Swedish descent they where very interested in Sweden and the Swedish culture. I told them about Sweden at the same time as I had the most delicious Swedish pancakes that Jordan's mom made for me.
             When the whole family had arrived we where a total of twelve people. They where Jordan's parents, one of his cousins, his mom's sister and her husband, Jordan's grandma and a Swedish girl from the women soccer team (Cissi). I don't remember who the other people where. The number of men and women where about the same and there was only one kid and he was about 12 years old. The age range was very big, from the kid who was 12 to the grandmother who was around 70 years old.
             Everybody was dressed pretty casual but still proper and the atmosphere was very warm and loving. Around the easter dinner table we had two different and in some way mixed cultures. The Swedish culture was represented by my self, Cissi and everybody else that was directly related to Jordan's grandmother, (because her parents were Swedish). The American culture was represented by everybody who where not directly related to Jordan's grandmother, this includes the people who come from Jordan's fathers side of the family. .
             Everybody seemed to enjoy himself or herself except maybe for the kid. He was very polite and did not complain but it must not be too funny to listen to a group of grownups for two hours straight. I enjoyed my self very much, watching how they celebrated Easter in this American family.

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