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Dell Computers

            The article I researched was in regard to name change of Dell Computers, now known simply as Dell. The article mainly focused on Dell's new name but same policy, which is to use cash for share buybacks rather than dividend payouts. This basically means that Dell is continuing its old policy of reinvesting its money to buy back shares rather than to give the extra money to their employees. This decision is much more beneficial move for the company because it provides Dell with more potential for economic growth. However if Dell were to give the money back to its employees in dividends it would make them happier. This topic relates to our class under the microeconomics, we learned about this aspect of economics during the first week of class. We learned that when a company has extra money from earnings its can do one of two things. It can either reinvest its money back into the company (buy back shares) or they can distribute the money to its employees through dividends. This is under the classification of microeconomics because it pertains to a specified part of the economy; it is not pertaining to macroeconomics because it does not deal with the whole of economics. This article also discusses benefits to the environment because new technology used in Dell computers. This detail also relates to class because we discussed how the production of goods and their effect on the environment influence the price of construction and the amount purchased. The new types of products used will lead to more sales because they are no longer harm the environment; this was also another aspect of sales and production that was discussed in class. .

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