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Telecommunication Applications & Switching Systems.

            Telecommunication Applications & Switching Systems.
             To investigate and research onto how liberalisation has effected the growth of the Telecommunications Industry within the UK since 1984 Telecommunications Act.
             The abbreviation PTO, derives the word Public Telecommunication Operator. A PTO is a company that provides Telecommunications services to the general public, in many forms, i.e., Telephony, Digital circuits, or private circuits. There any many PTO's that operates in the UK alone. All of which have to run by a set of rules and legislation. But may very to suit to the individual company as a whole.
             In 1969, the General Post Office ceased to be a Government Department on 1 October and was established as a public corporation under the Post Office Act of this year. In the event it was not until 1965, following a Labour victory in the parliamentary election of the previous year, that Postmaster-General Anthony Wedgewood-Benn put into motion the process that finally culminated in the creation of the Post Office as a public corporation. After much study and deliberation the Post Office Act, 1969, was passed and this laid down the structure of the new organisation, the Corporation being split into two divisions - Posts and Telecommunications - which thus became distinct businesses for the first time. Under the Act, the Post Office had the exclusive privilege of running telecommunications systems with limited powers to authorise others to run such systems.
             Further down the line in 1981 the Telecommunications Bill received royal assent. British Telecom began operating under a licence and independent suppliers of telephones were permitted. British Telecommunications, trading as British Telecom, severed its links with the Post Office under the British Telecommunications Act, 1981 and became a totally separate public corporation on 1 October. They were now two separate organisations with their own chairmen and boards of directors.

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