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The Removal of the Cherokee Nation

             The United States government was set up by the constitution in 1878, but prior to that individual states had claimed lands that were west of their original border. In 1785, the Treaty of Hopewell defined the boundaries of the Cherokees, and they had placed themselves under the protection of the United States believing that they were given permanent ownership of their territory, in their minds, "owning it". Eventually Indian removal entered a new stage, especially with the Cherokee nation, the most dramatic example of the Indian policy of the U.S. government and its motivations.
             The Indian Removal wouldn't have happened if the whites and Indians had the same sense of civilization around the time of 1802. Thw whites saw themselves as the leading nation and the smarter ones because they began making money owning businesses. However the Cherokees in Georgia at that time weren't on the same level, and also the whites discovered that the land the Cherokkes were on was valuable, so the whites wanted them out, make them move west since the east coast was becoming prosperous and they had nothing to contribute wealth wise. By signing an agreement with Georgia, the U.S. federal government established federal ownership of the lands west of the lands west of the state of Georgia in 1802. .
             The Cherokees were a big nation of about 25,000 people occupying a large territory from central Georgia into Tennesse and North Carolina. This agreement between Gerogia and the U.S. affected the Cherokees in a big impact since it corrupted their protection from the U.S. Now the meaning of the Treaty of Hopewell seemed to have a totally diffirent meaning. The many white citizens of Georgia believed that the Cherokees had the right to occupy the land, not to own it. treaty after treay was renegotiated by the U.S., the Indians were manipulated and controlled.
             After the war of 1812, the land hungry white setelers demanded Indian lands, surrounding their territory in the South and MidWest.

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