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Cherokee people and their problems in texas

            The Cherokee Indians is one of the largest groups of Native American people. They call themselves the Ani-Yunwiya which translated in English means the "principal people", the reason for that is that they are one of the principal Indian nations in the southeastern United States. They were settled people whose land used to cover all of the southern Appalachians highlands, this covered Virginia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances their land was not all kept by them and they were moved from one state and area to the other. One of the biggest land problems they were faced with was set in Texas. In 1839, the Cherokee Indians with the help of Kickapoo and Shawanee Indians fought for their lands against the white settlers of northeast Texas. This war was called the "Cherokee war". Cherokees lived in Texas since 1807; these people were an offshoot of the Cherokees from the Arkansas settlement. The Cherokee war was the result of the dishonest ways that the Texas government handled the Cherokee case .Therefore, they decided to fight for their land, when officials tried to regulate it. This essay will discuss the Cherokee problems in Texas before and after American invasion and the way they faced these problems. .
             While the Cherokees were establishing themselves and their families in East Texas, the government of Texas was being changed from Spain to Mexico. Mexican officials, like their Spanish predecessors, were pleased to welcome the presence of Cherokees Indians in Texas. Cherokee headmen, having learned the importance of holding legal title to real property, repeatedly petitioned Mexican authorities for a permanent land grant. Richard Fields, who was a Cherokee diplomat, conducted negotiations with the Mexican government in the early 1820s, and although Fields claimed that his tribe had been granted land north of the Old San Antonio Road, the Mexican government denied the claim.

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