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Andrew Jackson

             Studied law under Spruce McCay from 1784-1786.
             Completed his studies by working in the law office of John Stokes for a period of six months in 1786. .
             Admitted to the North Carolina bar in September 1787. .
             B. Occupational .
             Served in the Continental army in 1780, where he acted as a messenger to Colonel William Davis. .
             Acted as Tennessee's first U.S. representative from 1796-1797. .
             Acted was appointed a U.S. Senator from Tennessee in 1797, but he disliked the sluggish pace of Congress, and he resigned after only five months. .
             Judge of the Tennessee Superior Court from 1798-1804. .
             Became an unwitting accomplice to the Burr conspiracy of 1805-1806 while serving as the major general of Tennessee from 1802-1806, but disassociated from Burr when he heard of the conspiracy. .
             Appointed the major general of U.S. Volunteers in 1812, he led 2,500 Tennessee volunteers against the Creek Indians in October 1813. In November 1813, he defeated a force of 1,000 Indians at Talladega; and in March 1814, he crushed the Creeks at Horseshoe Bend. .
             Promoted to major general in the regular army in May 1814, he captured the Florida city of Pensacola in November 1814. He then marched to New Orleans in order to defend the city against British attack, aggravating many by imposing martial law on the city. On January 8, 1815, British troops attacked New Orleans under the cover of early morning fog and were slaughtered by Jackson's troops, who numbered only 21 less after the battle, while British troops numbered 2,000 less. .
             In response to 1817 raids on Georgia by Seminole Indians and fugitive slaves, General Jackson was instructed to check the incursions, but only to enter Spanish Florida in the case of a hot pursuit. He exceeded these orders, however, when he invaded Florida in 1818. He destroyed Seminole villages, captured Pensacola, and eventually overthrew the Spanish governor, naming himself martial governor for several months in 1821.

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