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Describe the Transatlantic slave trade

            The transatlantic slave trade was the forced transportation of Africans from their homeland to destinations in Europe and the Americas. During the 15th to 19th century approximately 12 million salves were exchanged for merchandise along Africa's western and central west coast, which became known as the "slave coast". The transatlantic slave trade was the largest intercontinental migration of people in world history prior to the 20th century and was the foreground of the many struggles African's faced in gaining rights free of racism and prejudice.
             The slave trade began as a result of the high demand for plantation labor in the America's. As slavery grew it became an integral part of the international trading system known as the "triangular trade": which involved the Europeans sailing to Africa and trading goods as such gunpowder, munitions and alcohol for slaves, the slaves who were forcibly removed their homeland then faced the arduous journey to the Americas which was known as the "middle passage", on arrival in the Americas they were forced to work on plantations, these plantation products were then sold to merchants in Europe. .
             The first Europeans to sail to Africa in the 15th century attempted to kidnap the Africans from their homes. However this method proved to be ineffective because the Africans showed their strength and won the majority of these violent confrontations. The Europeans then realised that the only way to obtain salves or any other commodities they desired was to bring items the residents wanted in exchange. As a result this developed a congenial system of trade between the Africans and the Europeans. Basic tenants of the slave trade included that Europeans were Shippers only. They were not permitted inland and generally forbidden to become involved in African politics. .
             The "middle passage", which was the second leg of the "triangular trade", involved the transportation of slaves from Africa to the Americas.

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