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Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

            How do most people think the slaves were obtained? Was it by large groups of European Soldiers that herded up the blacks from the coastal areas? Or could it have been done by other means? Many articles, papers, or books have been written on the issue of slavery, but nobody is able to really give "the right view"; each person attempts to interpret the scarce documents coming from the African continent (for the major part written by Europeans) and from the various databases, but all we can do as critical readers is to analyze a few of them and gather some sort of conclusion. In this paper I attempt to state the mere fact that Online articles of all sorts state that Trans-Atlantic slave trade was of an inhuman kind, invented for the exploiting of the bodies of millions of human lives bought to make profit. .
             The first Article is taken from the "BBC" history site, which begins with: .
             "Within the space of four hundred years millions of people were forcibly taken from Africa as slaves. The majority of them went to the Americas, although many were taken to the Middle East and North Africa. Slavery had been practised all over the world for thousands of years, but never before had so many people from one continent been transported to another against their will. It is hard to be precise, but around 15 million Africans in total were forcibly taken from the continent into slavery. Large scale slave trading in Africa ceased towards the end of the 19th century, but its legacy of suffering continues today" ("The Story of Africa: Slavery" BBC World Service. 17 Mar 2004.
             The author of the article is a very famous Newspaper, and seems to be looking to slavery through an excessively stated prejudice that commonly states that slavery was and it had always been in the hands of the Europeans. The website is apparently reaching for those people who want to get a really brad view on the argument.

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