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Comprehensive framework for refugee camp security

             Many of today's conflicts can be traced back to the period of colonization. The careless and insensitive allotment of territory along political and geographic, rather than ethnic lines is a prime example of this. Since the end of the Second World War, conflict has been almost been exclusively limited to the developing world. Much of these "hot spots" were only worsened by the ideological skirmishes waged both politically and militarily through the world's Super Powers. There was hope that with the fall of the Soviet Union a new era would be ushered in, one where humanitarian intervention was paramount. Many of these regional conflicts have had, and are having dramatic consequences on civilian populations. Whenever conventional or civil, these wars have been persecuted with ruthless disregard for civilian property and lives. Rape, torture, mutilation, and premeditated indiscriminate killing are all too common. This contrasts considerably from the "popular" wars of the 20th century. Ones fought with rules of engagement and treaties designed to reduce civilian strife. Although refugees have always been a reality of conflict, it has only been in the past fifty, and more specifically, 25 years where the situation has worsened. Massive influxes of displaced peoples present daunting challenges for both the host governments and the international community. How do you provide for, house, and above all protect thousands upon thousands of innocent peoples? The later, security, has proved to be one of the most difficult and divisive issues within the field of humanitarian relief. When a refugee situation presents itself often the most viable solution to the crises is the establishment of refugee "camps". By confining tens, and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of people in a limited space it. Refugee camps have proven time and time again to be the preeminent means of facilitating the distribution of food, shelter, medical treatment and even education to refugees.

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