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Our Town

            The play Our Town by Thornton Wilder as performed by the actors at Saint Joseph Academy was very well portrayed. The play itself is an enjoyable one to read about. I enjoyed reading in class because it showed how the world was back then in a small town in New Hampshire. I especially liked the simplicity of the entire play. It wasn't as complex or ornate as all the other plays I have seen. The most important part of the play was the scenery which was also not present.
             The fact that there was not any scenery made it all the more interesting because you had to use your imagination to picture the little town with all the churches and stores. All there was to be seen were a brick wall and two tables. The characters were constantly using their hands to grab things off of imaginary shelves or open imaginary doors. I could have used a little more scenery when the stage manager was describing the town and where everything was in it. I was getting a little confused but it was not that important because the whole point of that was just to give a general setting of the small town. Another important aspect of the play was the characters.
             The characters were essentially the entire play. They set the setting, the mood, as well as the atmosphere. The characters that performed on Saturday night were outstanding. They all had a massive amount of lines to memorize and they recited them perfectly. The stage manager was outstanding at reciting all of her lines. I do not think I could have remembered half of what she had to remember. There were extremely few mistakes made and they were all very minor and the play went on just the same as if they never happened.
             All in all I would say that Our Town is a very good play and is actually enjoyable to watch. It is not so boring as are all the other plays I have seen. This one will stick out in my mind forever and probably none other will compare. .

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