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Picture meaning

            Walk with wisdom and back to your childhood.
             I happened to see this picture in www.com with its title "walk with wisdom".
             The picture depicts a little child walk with two clergies on each side. At my first sight of the title there came up no information about wisdom here in this picture, for I just saw two nuns walking with the child.
             It caught up my attention, exerting myself to find out its internal relationship. And I found that in western countries, "the wisdom of God is the chief family value" is a popular recognition. I learned that true biblical wisdom is the art of being successful in life in a way that pleases God. And true wisdom in its perfection is an attribute of God. Look carefully at this picture again then my association is immediately led to regard the two clergies as the child's parents. As in this picture, the happy child is walking happily with his family and wisdom here is absolute. By wisdom we choose the best goal of life and by wisdom we find out the best method to achieve the goal of life. Finding his goal is living with his family happily, the photographer used this scene to imply a family serving God with its own happiness. And that is their wisdom, finding their happiness and serving God. .
             It is difficult for me to understand the real meaning at first without knowing its information background. In communication learning, this may refer to the codes which always imply a deeper meaning. And this picture is a sign, icon, but not exactly an icon, it is a combination of icon and symbol. An icon bears resemblance to its object while a symbol is a sign whose connection with its object is a matter of convention, agreement, or rule.
             In the real world we all know that kinds of sign like symbol and icon are not separate and distinct.
             There is another picture also found in www.picture.com like the picture above but easier to understand.
             We can see a tunnel with one end standing two children in front and the other with nothing.

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