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The Changing Meanings of Literature

             To what extent does meaning can the meaning of literary work change over time? .
             Literature is seen as an unconquerable art of English language that has been predominantly transforming its meaning while keeping the content the same from an individual perspective that change on varied opinions. It plays down to the eternal fact that it is mostly reliant on our ideologies that evolve as society changes. The interpretation of the text changes even when we read out the authentic content that persistently remains timeless through generations. This is evident on the two short stories I have chosen "Chameleon and "About Love". The physical setting of the story is undeniably orchestrated in an old fashion manner in spite of the fact that it is sufficient enough for everyone to relate to this situation. For instance, Ochumelov the protagonist is portrayed in a way that gives us an idea of a human being. That is the perfect embodiment of injustice being inflicted on human being with a mix of sheer hypocrisy. It is an ideal illustration of diplomacy being at its best and how one should revolt in unfavorable circumstances. Additionally "About Love" which expresses affection being is an unsolved problem. He never thinks there can be any astounding and incomprehensible meaning of translating it and the storywriter seeks to demonstrate that every affection story is unique in individual cases.
             Now directing back towards the points on how it was interpreted in the context that was written and how it is today in the 21st century. One can unearth many significant differences as how people's conception of comprehending context that has totally changed over time in comparison to modern day. In the Russian ethos, social principles and moral belief were legislated by the then powerful and supreme figure "Pope" mostly looked onto for guidance after god. They were bestowed the highest honor at that time.

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