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Critical Thinking

            Critical Thinking and Decision Making.
             Critical Thinking and Decision Making plays a very important part in everyday business relations. Many times we assume that the thoughts we have are correct for no other reason than the fact that they occurred to us. We often think that we are right even when we are wrong. We frequently do not recognize the illogical tendencies among ourselves and those around us. .
             Critical thinking and decision-making are the most intricate parts of solving problems. Without it, we cannot begin to evaluate someone's reasoning or grasp the rational being offered for acceptance as a point of view. In grasping and understanding reasoning we must understand critical thinking. Everything we do in life is determined by the quality of your thinking and the decision that it leads to. However, there exists a lack of awareness how one should think and make decisions. Absence of clear thinking will lead to failure both in personal and professional life.
             U-Study Library defines the critical thinker as "rational and consistent, strives to learn how to think, holistic/webbed, original/insightful, uses multiple frames of reference." This tells me that critical thinking takes in data and uses it to make critical decisions. There seem to be a lot of answers for what critical thinking is. My best answer is that critical thinking is what you do when you are analyzing any given situation for possible outcomes or solutions. Critical Thinking is also knowing what questions to ask and at what time to ask them.
             Critical thinking could mean more things than one depending on the individual and his/her way of thinking. .
             Now on to decision making Decision-making as defined by hyper dictionary means the cognitive process of reaching a decision. I think decision-making means to gather ideas, facts and thoughts to come to a rational conclusion to any problem or situation. Some decisions that we make are made to make things better or to change a certain situation or problem.

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