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            Throughout our lives, we meet numerous amounts of people. Some we may see very often and others not so much. Many have become our friends and others simply day to day acquaintances. They may sometimes fall under the title friend, but we know in our own eyes that our friends are not all regarded the same way.
             Of course, we have best friends. They are the ones with whom we share everything with and tell everything to. They are the ones that we know will not leave our side. They are trusted with all our heart. When we have something that we desperately need to get off our chest, best friends are the ones to tell. We know that with them, our deepest secrets are kept safe. An old quote says, "Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say." .
             There are also those who we consider our good friends. They are not as close to us as best friends are. This is possibly because we may not have as much trust in them as we do with best friends. There is no big reason for the mistrust; it is simply that our big secrets do not feel so secure with them. Although they are labeled differently from our best friends, they are still needed in our lives. .
             I believe that there is also the friend's category entitled school friends. They may also be known as our classmates. They are our everyday acquaintances. There is no sure reason why, but they are simply the friends that we only "hang out" with in class. You never end up mingling outside of school related activities. The reason for it is not there, but it is simply the truth.
             I also believe there are those groups of people we would call tolerated friends. For some odd reason our good and best friends like these people, so we are forced to put up with them. Despite our minor dislikes for our tolerated friends, we learn to endure them without complaints. Believe me, there are many complaints, but because many of us are well-bred people, we learn to tolerate them for the sake of our true friends.

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