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            I did my project on the popular TV show, Friends. It was done on one of the many classic re-run episodes. Overall, I really enjoyed this program. It's a show that I definitely prefer over the others for these reasons. First, the show has great characters that all vary in personality from each other. Second, the show is hilarious. .
             There are six different characters that all interact with each other in the show. I think the characters are what set this program apart from the rest because they help bring out the lighthearted comedy factor that gives the program its own flavor. Their personalities range from the airhead to the bighead. This aspect kept me more involved with the show because each character has individual qualities I can relate to.
             The one particular episode I watched set the stage with a city black out. In one scene Monica, Joey, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe are all sitting in their apartment waiting for the black out to be over with. In the next scene, Chandler is stuck in an ATM booth with a woman. They are both waiting for the black out to be over with. .
             First scene: while everyone is sitting around, Ross decides to make the big move on Rachel and ask her out on a date. As he tries to ask a cat jumps on him and attacks him, ruining his whole plan. It turns out that this cat belongs to a handsome Spanish man down the hall who Rachel falls head over heals for. Ross is crushed as he finds out that they like each other. .
             Second scene: Chandler makes a fool out of himself during the black out in an ATM booth. He realizes that the girl he is stuck with is a Victoria Secret model and this makes him very nervous. He really shows his personality by choking on his gum, making weird faces, and acting spacey around this woman. Overall, they have fun together and make it out safe.
             The story wasn't all that great but the characters made up for it because of the way they acted throughout the program.

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