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Internet Trading

            What is Internet trading? I've heard of it, I've talked about it, but I really .
             Let's start with the definition of what Internet trading is and what it is about. Of all the definitions, I chose the following: Electronic Commerce can be defined as the buying and selling of information, products and services via computer networks today and in the future. There is a definite distinction between e-commerce and e-business. I will focus on e-commerce. .
             Let's discuss E-Commerce and what it is about. Since this is an Internet.
             network operation base, I gathered most of my information from the Internet. With Internet trading being such a new forum, it was difficult to find information elsewhere.
             The advent of e-commerce provides a major opportunity for companies to.
             use the Internet to build stronger relationships with customers and partners. That's because the Internet is such a good communications channel-it's fast, reasonably reliable, low in cost, and widely accessible. .
             Businesses of all sizes stand to gain through the development of a.
             successful online commerce strategy. The companies with commerce solutions best suited to the demands of the Digital Age will gain the competitive advantage.
             Some of the benefits are obvious: lower costs, greater reach, and faster.
             response times. But e-commerce doesn't mean simply pushing products at people faster. The Internet also deepens relationships with customers and partners.
             Internet trading is how more and more securities will be traded in the.
             future. By the end of 1999, more then 111 billion dollars worth, or over 40% of all securities deals in the world are traded via Internet. It is estimated that in two years this number will reach the 1.3 trillion dollar mark.
             With digital transactions and communication, companies can provide- and .
             customers are coming to expect-better service and support. In fact, online sales are becoming a much more important part of business.

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